Your wedding day - The Movie.


We aren't interested in the regular run-of-the-mill wedding videos. We're filmmakers, and we want to make wedding films that truly capture the magic, and encapsulate your special day in a unique and highly cinematic way.

What you get:

1. The Wedding Movie. Two leather bound booklets containing Bluray copies of the movie and the trailer. Two USB thumb drives containing digital copies of the movie and trailer. (A back up copy of your wedding will be stored on our servers should anything happen to your media)

2. The Trailer. A cinematic trailer will be made available for online viewing before the release of your full wedding movie. This is a lovely treat to share with friends and family to build anticipation for the full video.

* 190 Productions weddings are shot and delivered in high resolution digital formats ensuring your wedding movie will look sharp and vivid on current and future display technologies.