Turkey Man

190 Productions is proud to announce that we are producing and editing Season 3 of Flextone's Turkey Man - airing in 2016 on the Sportsman's Channel.

Eddie Salter stars as the Turkey Man; providing hunting tips and tricks, along with plenty of hunting stories from across the country.  This season Eddie returns to his old Barber shop in Evergreen Alabama and invites his guest in for a hair cut and to share their Turkey adventures.

Mr. Salter is an astute professional and arguably the best and most knowledgable man in his field. It has been our pleasure to work with him on this show.  

Turkey Man Intro

Our History

I wanted to use this space today to give our customers/followers a little overview of our history and how we got to where we are today. 190 Productions had its start as a smaller company called Sinne Productions. This company did video production of all sorts, and for wedding videos we had a separate company called Sinne Weddings. These were both operated by myself (Jeremy), Rex, and Melissa. 

In those early days we did some nice work for a number of wedding and commercial clients, but it was also a time of learning for us as we grew in our craft and learned what our strengths were and where we could make the greatest impact as artist and production professionals.

After 4 years of business, these two companies went on hiatus, and finally, fully dissolved as I took a job co-producing and editing a TV show on The Outdoor Channel - Wildgame Nation. This was an interesting change of pace for me and allowed me focus on new aspects of film making and it taught me to - when needed - build a story from practically nothing.

Now, 4 years later, I am still editing Wildgame Nation, but I have moved back into the position of running my own production business, and Wildgame Nation is one of the shows we are currently contracted to produce. We do have new shows coming up in our production queue very soon, and we are proudly back in the game of producing movie quality wedding films and commercials. Finally, we are in talks for a few more exciting projects that I hope to announce soon.

So, welcome to the new us: 190 Productions. It feels great to be back in this space with all the experience I and my team have gained over the last several years of producing TV and Film projects. Some of our latest work is currently in the process of making its way over to this site for exhibition. I can't wait to share it, and we are all eager to take on new and exciting challenges for our new clients.  Thanks for stopping by.

New Website

Welcome to the new home on the web for 190productions. This site is coming together nicely and we are happy to showcase some our of work from the last several years here in hopes that we may continue to grow and create ever more powerful and effecting video work for new clients.

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned to this blog for inside information and behind the scenes looks at some of our select pieces of work.